U.S. Government

Resources for finding out information at the federal level of government.

USA.gov is a website where you can find a great deal of information about U.S. Government.

Home Page ( https://www.usa.gov/ ) gives you an overview of the different pages of information along with a note about what is the most popular information sought at the time you are looking.

Government Agencies and Elected Officials ( https://www.usa.gov/agencies ) provides an A-Z list of U.S. Government Agencies. You will also find a good explanation of the three branches of government. How to Contact Your Elected Officials is a one-stop source for how you can contact federal elected officials, state elected officials, and local elected officials (you will find that the information levels do not include Towns). [**Note: As of 11/17/16, the link to county executives is broken. Fortunately, on the “Virginia Counties” page of this website, you can find the official county website where information for contacting mayor and more can be found.] Government programs are listed by topic and contact information is provided. A last page provides information on State, Local, and Tribal Governments.

Housing and Community Page ( https://www.usa.gov/housing ) provides a wealth of information on many topics: Affordable Housing, Foreclosure, Housing Help, Housing Scams, Housing-Related Complaints, Keeping Your Home Safe, Libraries and Archives, Mortgages, Moving, Repairing an Improving a Home, and U.S. Postal Service Issues.

Jobs and Unemployment information is provided ( https://www.usa.gov/jobs-and-unemployment ): Business, Labor Laws and Issues, Looking for a New Job, Public Service and Volunteer Opportunities, Retirement, U.S. Government Employees, Unemployment Benefits and other Help for the Unemployed.

Money and Shopping ( https://www.usa.gov/money ) may not provide much of use to citizen activists, but there are some interesting topics: Benefits, Grants, and Loans, Buying from the U.. Government, Currency, Retirement, Shopping and Consumer Issues, Starting a Nonprofit Organization, State Lottery Results, Taxes, and Unclaimed Money from the Government.

Travel and Immigration ( https://www.usa.gov/travel-and-immigration ) : Immigration and Citizenship, Recreation and Travel within the U.S., U.S. Citizens Traveling Abroad, and Visas, Tourists, and Temporary Visitors.

Voting and Elections ( https://www.usa.gov/voting ): Decide Who to Vote For, Find My State or Local Election Office Website, How to Vote, Inauguration 2017, Presidential Election Process, Voter Registration, Requirements, and Deadlines, Voting and Election Laws and History.

More Services (https://www.usa.gov/topics ) is one last page that covers just about everything not covered above and goes into more detail on some of the previous. Some are duplicates of those above: About the U.S., Benefits, Grants, and Loans, Business, Disasters and Emergencies, Earth and the Environment, Education, Government Agencies and Elected Officials, Health, Housing and Community, Jobs and Unemployment, Laws and Legal Issues, Military and Veterans, Money and Shopping, Travel and Immigration, and Voting and Elections.

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