What can the US President Really Do?

I found myself laughing quite a bit during the campaign season with candidates for President saying what they were going to do. They either did not understand the limits of Presidential power or they figured voters did not understand them. As I talk to folks both pre and post election, I found that it is the latter of those that is most likely. (Although I’m not real sure that one or more of the candidates had a pretty loose understanding of limits.) So I set out to try to come up with something that would make the information more available to everyone and discovered that the topic had already been covered quite well in an Oct. 31, 2016 article in U.S.News by Gabrielle Levy. “What Can the President Really Do?” http://www.usnews.com/news/politics/articles/2016-10-31/what-can-the-president-really-do The author does a great job of avoiding “legalize” and talking “plain text” instead.