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Aug 142014


Whew! That was close. I almost missed it! If I hadn’t been in the kitchen building the Ultimate BLT, I might have forgotten to remind ya!
Now, about that Ultimate BLT.
  • You start out with a couple of pieces of really good white bread. Yep! Plain old white bread, not all that good for ya fancy stuff.
  • Next, you layer on a good coat of mayonnaise (Dukes really is the best for these) onto both slices of the bread.
  • Then, bacon…oops got not bacon…no problem!
  • Then, lettuce…oops outta lettuce too…again, no problem!
  • Find ya one big vine ripened tomato that really smells like a tomato when you smell it. One picked fresh off the vine, still warm from the sun is best. Wash it and cut off one or two thick slices of tomato (amount depends upon the size of the tomato, size of the bread, size of your napkin, and simple personal preference.
  • Place tomato on one of the bread slices (side with the mayo on it of course)
  • Add a sprinkle of salt and pepper to taste.
  • Top with remaining piece of bread (mayo next to the tomato again).

And, simply eat and enjoy. There ya have the perfect BLT sans the B & the L:) Out of bread? No worries. Had one last night made with a left over breakfast biscuit. Also, great stuffed in Pita! Fried Green Tomatoes at the Tomato Festival! Yeehaw!

Aug 142014

The Aquatic Center will be closed August 18-August 29th for maintenance. Maintaining citizen health and safety is something that Christiansburg takes very seriously. While this closure may be an inconvenience, it is a necessary one. There are some great programs on slate for September! To see a full copy of the Fall 2014 Brochure click HERE.

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Jul 182014
Aquatic Center Event Going on NOW!

July 18th through 20th the West Virginia Long Course Championship swim meet is happening right here in Christiansburg! From the town announcement on the event: On July 18th – July 20th, the Christiansburg Aquatic Center will welcome the West Virginia Long Course Championship swim meet to our facility. This meet will showcase swimmers from ages […]