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Apr 232014

Main AC Logo 22Every Tuesday is Senior Day at the Christiansburg Aquatic Center. If you are 60+ years of age, you get 1/3 off the normal daily swim fee. Now, you’re already getting a standard lower rate of $3 where other adult swimmers pay $5/day. This extra dollar off makes for a mighty fine deal.

To sweeten the pot a bit, for those who like to get multiple things accomplished with one trip out, on the 3rd Tuesday of each month from 9am-noon,the Aquatic Center and Warm Hearth at Home provide blood pressure screenings for seniors.

These screenings are scheduled for May 20, June 17, and July 15.

Why bother with blood pressure screenings? Your blood pressure can provide information on possible health related issues before they become BIG issues. While there are standard ranges for health based upon age, gender, and weight, each person’s blood pressure is a unique insight to their individual health. You need to know what is normal for YOU, not what is normal for the majority of the population.

Over the years, I’ve had friends with normal blood pressure at such low levels, I was tempted to check to see if she was breathing. Another friend’s blood pressure was normally so high, I asked him if he had managed to obtain a patent on it. In both cases, that was the normal blood pressure for that individual. The one with high blood pressure was working on diet and exercise programs to bring his blood pressure down, for the low blood pressure nothing was being done. Both individuals were living normal happy lives. However, if either of them had shown up in a hospital emergency room and the person had been unable to tell them that the low or high blood pressure was normal for them, they could have been subjected to interventions that were unneeded and could even be harmful.

So, know your blood pressure. Take a 3×5 card and record it each time you get it checked by date. Keep that card with you. Talk to your family members and close friends and make sure that others know about your card or even what your blood pressure is currently.

Swimming offers a natural way to improve your blood pressure. In particular, it does so without the impact stress that walking, running, and other forms of exercise require. Those of us in the older age brackets find this particularly helpful as it reduces damage to joints already having problems and helps to prevent stress fractures.

For more information on how swimming can help to improve blood pressure:

Take advantage of your Senior discount and get you blood pressure checked. Make it a group event by getting together with friends and neighbor to do a ride share.

To learn more about the blood pressure screenings, please call Warm Heart at Home at (540) 443-3428.

For more information about the Aquatic Center and senior discount day, please call (540) 381-7665 or visit


Apr 162014

SMain AC Logo 22peed into Spring. Spring into Spring. Twist, jump, and fly into Spring.

The Christiansburg Aquatic Center is kicking off spring by hosting its Annual Skateboarding Contest on Saturday, April 19.

The competition begins at 2:30 p.m. at the Christiansburg Skate Park, 595 North Franklin Street, next to the Aquatic Center.

Registration is free and begins at 1 p.m. Age groups will be divided once registration is complete. Prizes will be awarded to winners in each division.

The Skateboarding Contest is sponsored by Radford University students and Greenhouse of Blacksburg.

For more information, please call 540-381-7665.

It’s a great opportunity to get you and the kids out of the house for a bit. Come watch the skateboarding competition and bring your swim suits for after the show!