Fact Checking & Money In Politics

There are now 2 new pages on myvaresources.com. (Patience, please. There’s only one of me and it takes time to check out sites and get things on the website. I plan to work on it a bit every day and it will NEVER be finished! So, the 2 new pages?

Be A Fact Checker   &    Money In Politics

These pages contain links to tools that any citizen with Internet access (they do have computers at most public libraries these days) can use to check out those news stories/fake news stories that are abundant on the Internet.

Being informed and verifying the truth of things is one of the most important things that any citizen can do. Don’t simply accept what you are told. Heck! I don’t even believe myself until I’ve verified what I’ve said!

Seriously though, in recent years, the Internet has become a cesspool of misinformation coming at us from every possible angle. Each of the sources of this misinformation has an agenda and are using the information they present to shape your thinking, convert you to their cause, or just to make mischief (often will making money doing it!), so be careful and check your information.

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